Shao-Ting (Ting) Lin,  Senior

About Me: Hello! My name is Ting. A fun fact about me is that even though I am not from Madison, I moved here in my freshman year of high school. (7 years now!) So, I am pretty familiar with the city. Outside of class, you could probably see me playing badminton at the Nic, or just studying in the Ehall lounge. During my free time, I really enjoy cooking and meal prepping.

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Class Taken: INTEREGR 303

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Lake Mendota, making kind and brilliant friends!

Other Activities/Organizations: Huber research group, Adventure Learning Programs


Marie Schilling

About Me: Hey my name is Marie Schilling and my pronouns are they/them. I am a third-year in chemical engineering with a certificate in energy sustainability. This next year as president of AIChE I will strive to create an inclusive environment. I hope to create a meaningful impact on the ChemE community.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Animal: Rhino

Favorite Class Taken: CBE 310

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Football/basketball games & the beautiful scenery.

Other Activities/Organizations: SWE (Executive Board), Fang Research Group, ChemE Car


Levente Szabo, Sophomore

About Me: I chose chemical engineering because I’ve always liked understanding and creating systems. In my free time, I enjoy watching football, swimming, reading, and spending time outside.

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Class Taken: Chem 115

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Being Around Lake Mendota

Other Activities/Organizations: ChemE Car



Chen Shien Chia, Junior

About Me: Apa khabar? My name is Chia and I speak Malay, Chinese, English, Teochew, and Hokkien. I came from a beautiful, diverse, and multicultural country called Malaysia. I love sharing Malaysian food with my friends and sometimes invite them over to make traditional desserts together. We made ‘ondeh-ondeh’ which is a dessert made with pandan (screwpine leaf) infused dough and filled with Gula Melaka (palm sugar). I chose Chemical Engineering as my major because I am amazed by the broad spectrum of industries it spans as well as its ability to create new substances that can change people’s lives.

Hometown: Taiping, Malaysia

Favorite Animal: Hamster

Favorite Class Taken: Dance Therapy 232, Chem 329, ESL 118

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Many interesting opportunities at UW-Madison

Other Activities/Organizations: REACH Ambassador


Dominic Greco, Junior

About Me: I am really excited about chemical engineering because of how many applications there are. This semester, I am taking a co-op at Pyran located in Madison.

Hometown: Robbinsdale, MN

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Class Taken: CBE 320

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The friendly students and faculty.

Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Engineer Magazine, Alpha Chi Sigma, Intramurals.


Collin Queen, Junior

About Me: Hey! I am in my third year pursuing both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry degrees as well as a certificate in German. I plan on going for my Ph.D. after earning my undergraduate degree, and I want to become a Professor. In my free time, I really enjoy writing and performing music. I have played music my whole life but have just started writing this past year. I have come out with a single, which you can find on all major music platforms, and I hope to come out with my debut album in the next year. I also am a long-distance runner and am currently training for my first triathlon.

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

Favorite Animal: Polar Bears

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger:  The beautiful campus

Other Activities/Organizations: Hermans Research Group, STAR Scholar Advisory Board, ChemE Car, Music, Track/XC Club, Diversity Peer Mentor


Department Liaison

Ben Barnd, Junior

About Me: I chose to major in chemical engineering because I love chemistry and math and want to be able to apply both. I enjoy watching and playing sports, hanging out with friends, and
meeting new people.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Animal: Lemur

Favorite Class Taken: CBE 320

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gamedays and the restaurants on State St.



Griffin Smith, Junior

About Me: I’m an avid biker regardless of the season! I enjoy biking to classes as well as the many trails Madison has to offer. I’m not scared of trying new things whether it’s meeting new friends, listening to some different music, or trying a recently discovered cuisine. If you’ve got any suggestions send them my way!

Hometown: Washington, DC

Favorite Animal: Gorilla

Favorite Class Taken:  Chem 345

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The beautiful scenery at all times of the year

Other Activities/Organizations: UW Cycling Club



Jackson Puent, Junior

About Me: I am super excited to serve as our chapter’s Publicity Chair! I am a third-year Chem-E student also pursuing a certificate in Scandinavian Studies.

Hometown: Verona, WI

Favorite Class Taken: CBE 310

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The Collaborative Environment

Other Activities/Organizations: Research




Tela Gehrke, Junior

About Me: I’m excited to serve a second semester as an AICHE officer this Spring and give the Seniors a proper sendoff! In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing/bouldering and doing outdoor activities with my friends. Last summer I interned at IFF where I did process engineering with enzymes on a large scale, which was super exciting.

Hometown: Grafton, WI

Favorite Animal: Roosters

Favorite Class Taken: FOODSCI 550

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Lakeshore Path and Badger volleyball games!

Other Activities/Organizations: ChemE Car (Treasurer), SWE, Concrete Canoe



Wyatt Braman, Junior

About Me: I am in my third year of undergrad here at UW-Madison, and I’m still excited by all that majoring in Chemical Engineering has to offer. My studies currently focus on alternative and renewable energy sources, as I am earning certificates in Thermal Energy Systems and Energy Sustainability.

Hometown: New Brighton, MN

Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Tons of opportunities to grow and learn from others

Other Activities/Organizations: UW-Madison FP&M, Club Lacrosse


Professional Development

Roberto Guzmán, Sophomore

About me: A fun fact about me is that I have run five half marathons in Madison, New York, and Puerto Rico. I enjoy watching sports, going to the gym, and most fun of all watching math and chemistry videos.

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Favorite Class Taken: Chem 329

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Game Days



Freshman Representative

Karah Stoffel, Freshman

About me: Hey! My name is Karah and I am a freshman in Chemical Engineering. I love math and chemistry and thought Chemical Engineering would be the best of both worlds. In my free time, I love to read, draw/paint, do stained glass, lift, and hangout with my friends.

Hometown: Kewaskum, WI

Favorite Class Taken: Psych 202

Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Campus

Other activities/organizations: Badger SPILL, Art Club

Engineering Expo

Ben Chiu, Senior (5th year)

About Me: Hi, My name is Ben. I study chemical engineering, computer science, and math. I study chemical engineering because I am interested in interdisciplinary research that has a large impact on society, and I plan to pursue a Ph.D. Outside of work, I love to play music, ski, play soccer, and play board games with friends.

Hometown: Paoli Pennsylvania

Favorite Class Taken: Chem 562

Favorite Animal: Komodo Dragon

Favorite thing about being a badger: Getting to meet many different people

Other activities/organizations: Zavala Group, Guitar player in Mio Min Mio