Ryan Kong, Fifth-year

About Me: I’m studying chemical engineering because I enjoy using chemical principles to solve problems. I have done a co-op at Verso Corporation as a process engineer, but I also have experience as an undergrad researcher. I’m interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
Favorite Animal: Cats or owls…I can’t decide
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250 with Brian Pfleger
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Binge-eating Ginger Root’s sesame chicken
Other Activities/Organizations: I have done research in the Stahl Group and am currently doing research with the Pfleger Group. Outside of school, I work as a Softlines Associate at The University Bookstore.

Misha Dyskin, Senior

About Me: I’m studying engineering to help provide solutions to problems we face, and to have a positive impact on my community and the planet. I love spending my time learning more about various things going on in the world today. I was previously the Social Chair of AIChE.
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gamedays and the view from the top of Bascom
Other Activities/Organizations: Sigma Phi Society, Badger Cheese Club, Russian Student Association


Daniel Kim,  Fifth-year

About Me: I am a rising senior and chose to do CBE because of the opportunity to be exposed to many industries and topics. I am currently interning in Pfizer as a process development intern, and I am an undergraduate researcher in Professor Song Jin’s nano-proteomics lab. In the meantime, I play tennis and enjoy watching football (the real one) and MMA.
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Favorite Animal: Whatever the mascot of Kwik Trip is
Favorite Class Taken: Chem 343
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: 4 AM in Eng Hall
Other Activities/Organizations: Research


Dennis Tulus, Junior

About Me: Hey Everyone! The name’s Dennis. It isn’t a unique name but my last name which is ‘Tulus’ directly translates to sincere in my home country language of  Indonesian. However, true to my last name, I am a man of service with the dedication to provide the best to my community (quite cheesy). I am a man of little words but when you get to know me, I can be quite fun 🙂 (I hope I am).  When I am not studying for my next exam, you can see me playing volleyball and basketball in any court near you. I also love exploring madison and you might even catch me walking with my favorite set of headphones, blasting my personal playlist “daimn son” ( do check it out in Spotify).
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite Class Taken: Econ 101
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Madison’s Asian Food and Snowstorms 🙂
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineering Without Borders


Luke Dominic Jude Coutinho, Senior

About Me: I am a Senior in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. I enjoy conducting computational research and using what I learn in the classroom to solve problems in the real world. I’m an undergraduate researcher at the Zavala and Yang Research Groups. In my free time I love playing the drums and training with the UW-Madison Boxing club as the team captain.
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 320/Chem 562
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Watching the sun rise at 6am from an Engineering Hall all nighter
Other Activities/Organizations: Research and UW-Madison Boxing Club

Alex Bloemendal, Junior

About Me: As a chemical engineer, I want to use math and science to improve society by creating practical innovations. I am especially interested in sustainable energy. I recently joined the Gebbie Research Lab Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I am beginning to do research on surface interfaces in energy storage devices. In my free time I LOVE to fish and explore the natural world around me! I am excited to begin my second semester as the AIChE Underclassman Representative!
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Class Taken: History 279: Afro-Atlantic History, 1808-Present
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gamedays and Ice Fishing on Lake Mendota and Lake Monona
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers for a Sustainable World, Wisconsin Club Fishing Team, Wisconsin Engineering Student Council, Intramural Sports


Daniel Paul Li, Junior

About Me: I’m an international student from the Philippines. I love eating and cooking as well as traveling. Traveling for food is something I enjoy. I spend a lot of my free time watching YouTube videos. I follow basketball and football. I usually play basketball with my friends when I have time.
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Class Taken: Chem 343
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Fun weekends in a beautiful campus
Other Activities/Organizations: Chi Sigma Tau, Chinese American Student Association (CHASA)

Outreach & Publicity

Camey Zussman, Senior

About Me: A little bit about me is that I love spending time outside, especially walking my dogs and visiting places I have never been to. I am also an avid movie watcher, sci-fi’s being my favorite.
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Favorite Animal: Jellyfish
Favorite Class Taken: Something outside of Chemical Engineering, my favorite class was Shakespeare
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Engineer Magazine, Badger Volunteers, SWE, WUD Film


Joshua Wagner, Senior

About Me: I am pursuing my degree in Chemical Engineering with a certificate in Energy Sustainability, because I want to be a part of making the world a better place by providing clean energy. I’m also an active badger so if you’re looking for a gym buddy, or someone to take that Zumba class with you, let me know!
Hometown: Franklin, WI
Favorite Animal: Raccoon. Not even close.
Favorite Class Taken: Philosophy 141
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: My favorite thing about being a badger is how welcoming and kind everyone here is, as well as looking down State Street on game days and seeing a sea of red.
Other Activities/Organizations: I’m not in any other official orgs, so if whatever group you’re in needs more members I may be available!


Logan Murphy, Senior

About Me: I wanted to be a chemical engineer because it combines two of my favorite things, chemistry, and how things work on a large scale. Outside of school, you can usually find me at a thrift store, where I love buying things for myself and also things to resell. I also collect records and could probably tell you anything about 80’s rock. In addition to this, I’m unfortunately a diehard Minnesota sports fan.
Hometown: Lakeville, MN
Favorite Animal: Platypus
Favorite Class Taken: Music 202: Delta Blues
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Tailgates on Mifflin
Other Activities/Organizations: Intramural Sports, Research in the Schreier Group

Professional Development

Abhi Nagori, Junior

About Me: Hi, I am Abhi, a junior in chemE. I am from a town called Vadodara in India. My favourite animal is of course my boxer Scooby 🙂 In chemE, CBE 250 is my favourite class. It builds the fundamentals for the entire curriculum. For electives, look out for Comm Arts 100 – Public Speaking. It was a great life skill. The favourite thing about being a badger is that everyone is unique. At Wisconsin, you will find people pursuing crazy things in almost every sphere of life. Good luck!
Hometown: Vadodara, India
Favorite Animal: Boxer Scooby
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Everyone is unique
Other Activities/Organizations: N/A

Department Liaison

Blake Bomski, Senior

About Me: As a little about me, I enjoy lifting and running.  I spend a good amount of time listening to music and hanging with my friends and girlfriend.  I just came off a coop with at the Stevens Point mill with Pixelle Specialty Solutions.
Hometown: Denmark, WI
Favorite Animal: Shark
Favorite Class Taken: Chem 109 or Math 222
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: I really like badger games and other athletics.
Other Activities/Organizations: N/A

Social Chair

Cole Cerny, Senior

About Me: I am a Senior Chemical Engineering Student. I am very passionate about it and hope to be able to use my degree to work in the food and beverage industry someday. I am also very passionate about sports and love all the Badger and Wisconsin sports teams. This past summer I interned at McCain foods as an Engineering and Safety intern.
Hometown: Greenfield, WI
Favorite Animal: Rabbit
Favorite Class Taken: Afro Amer 156
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Badger games
Other Activities/Organizations: Intramural football

Underclassmen Representative

Sara Bender, Sophomore

About Me: I chose to major in chemical engineering, because I enjoy problem solving, math, and chemistry and am interested in the applications of chemistry on a larger scale. I also enjoy playing the flute and spending time with my dog.
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Class Taken: Math 222
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Visiting State Street
Other Activities/Organizations: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Engineering Expo

Falcon Soedarsono, Senior

About Me: I decided to pursue Chemical Engineering as a major because I believe that through this I will be able to contribute myself the best to society. In Summer 2020, I did an internship with NorthStar Medical Radioisotope, LLC, as a Chemical Engineer Intern. I am open to various future career options and prospects, but I am most excited about working within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. This is my first year serving as a board member in AIChE!
Hometown: Surabaya, Indonesia
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite Class Taken: Organic Chemistry
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Memorial Union Terrace’s Sunset!
Other Activities/Organizations: Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS) – Madison, Engineering Expo