Ryan Kong, Senior

About Me: I’m studying chemical engineering because I enjoy using chemical principles to solve problems. I have done a co-op at Verso Corporation as a process engineer, but I also have experience as an undergrad researcher. I’m interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
Favorite Animal: Cats or owls…I can’t decide
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250 with Brian Pfleger
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Binge-eating Ginger Root’s sesame chicken
Other Activities/Organizations: I have done research in the Stahl Group and am currently doing research with the Pfleger Group. Outside of school, I work as a Softlines Associate at The University Bookstore.


Grant Ovsepyan, Junior

About Me: Engineering as a field with its technical aspects is surely derived from the exact science disciplines. However, ironically, you are empowered to create and design what you want, despite the constraints, related to the scientific laws. It is a limitless horizon for creative thinking and people like you, who are willing to actualize the dreams and fulfill your potential. Regarding the engineering experience, I have worked as a technical assistant on the vacuum packaging machine. Received the promotion after resolving the undesirable browning process of potatoes.
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Favorite Animal: Unicorn
Favorite Class Taken: Math 320
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gameday!
Other Activities/Organizations: AJ Boydston Research group, Free Salad Hydroponics Group. In my free time, I enjoy playing on the guitar and working in the ceramics studio, throwing on the wheel.



Rachel Grosser, Fifth-year

About Me: I chose to study chemical engineering because I enjoy the diverse range of career opportunities it prepares me for and because I enjoy being able to apply creative thinking and problem solving to real-world problems. I previously did a co-op at Cargill and would love to either continue in the food industry or go into renewable energy after graduation.
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Favorite Animal: Dog or lizard
Favorite Class Taken: Organic chemistry lab
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Fifth quarter at football games
Other Activities/Organizations: I’m outdoorsy and love to rock climb, camp, and hike. I’m also involved with Krav Maga Club and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.



Kevin Behnke, Senior

About Me: I am a senior Chemical Engineering Major with a certificate in Biology in Engineering. I have previously held the Outreach officer position and am currently the Secretary for AIChE. Last semester I abdicated my position as the Outreach officer as I accepted a process engineering co-op for the Verso Corporation’s Wisconsin Rapid’s Papermill. Outside of AIChE I am apart of the All University Strings Orchestra as one of their first violins and enjoy hanging out with friends on the terrace while staying socially distant.
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite Class Taken: Microbio 303
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Sunsets at the terrace
Other Activities/Organizations: All University Strings Orchestra




Justin Baerwald, Junior

About Me: I am studying engineering because I enjoy finding solutions and supplying ideas that make others’ lives better. I enjoy volunteering, sports, and research. I was previously the Social chair of AIChE.
Hometown: Greendale, WI
Favorite Animal: Pangolin
Favorite Class Taken: Hip-hop and Martial arts fusion(Asian Am 560)
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The lifestyle
Other Activities/Organizations: I play with the ultimate team

Alex Bloemendal, Sophomore

About Me: As a chemical engineer, I want to use math and science to improve society by creating practical innovations. I am especially interested in sustainable energy. I recently joined the Gebbie Research Lab Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I am beginning to do research on surface interfaces in energy storage devices. In my free time I LOVE to fish and explore the natural world around me! I am excited to begin my second semester as the AIChE Underclassman Representative!
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Class Taken: History 279: Afro-Atlantic History, 1808-Present
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gamedays and Ice Fishing on Lake Mendota and Lake Monona
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers for a Sustainable World, Wisconsin Club Fishing Team, Wisconsin Engineering Student Council, Intramural Sports



Dennis Tulus, Sophomore

About Me: Hey Everyone! The name’s Dennis. It isn’t a unique name but my last name which is ‘Tulus’ directly translates to sincere in my home country language of  Indonesian. However, true to my last name, I am a man of service with the dedication to provide the best to my community (quite cheesy). I am a man of little words but when you get to know me, I can be quite fun 🙂 (I hope I am).  When I am not studying for my next exam, you can see me playing volleyball and basketball in any court near you. I also love exploring madison and you might even catch me walking with my favorite set of headphones, blasting my personal playlist “daimn son” ( do check it out in Spotify).
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite Class Taken: Econ 101
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Madison’s Asian Food and Snowstorms 🙂
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineering Without Borders



Camey Zussman, Junior

About Me: A little bit about me is that I love spending time outside, especially walking my dogs and visiting places I have never been to. I am also an avid movie watcher, sci-fi’s being my favorite.
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Favorite Animal: Jellyfish
Favorite Class Taken: Something outside of Chemical Engineering, my favorite class was Shakespeare
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: The football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Engineer Magazine, Badger Volunteers, SWE, WUD Film



Blake Bomski, Junior

About Me: As a little about me, I enjoy lifting and running.  I spend a good amount of time listening to music and hanging with my friends and girlfriend.  I just came off a coop with at the Stevens Point mill with Pixelle Specialty Solutions.
Hometown: Denmark, WI
Favorite Animal: Shark
Favorite Class Taken: Chem 109 or Math 222
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: I really like badger games and other athletics.
Other Activities/Organizations: N/A


Misha Dyskin, Junior

About Me: I’m studying engineering to help provide solutions to problems we face, and to have a positive impact on my community and the planet. I love spending my time learning more about various things going on in the world today. I was previously the Social Chair of AIChE.
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 250
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Gamedays and the view from the top of Bascom
Other Activities/Organizations: Sigma Phi Society, Badger Cheese Club, Russian Student Association



Logan Murphy, Junior

About Me: I wanted to be a chemical engineer because it combines two of my favorite things, chemistry, and how things work on a large scale. Outside of school, you can usually find me at a thrift store, where I love buying things for myself and also things to resell. I also collect records and could probably tell you anything about 80’s rock. In addition to this, I’m unfortunately a diehard Minnesota sports fan.
Hometown: Lakeville, MN
Favorite Animal: Platypus
Favorite Class Taken: Music 202: Delta Blues
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Tailgates on Mifflin
Other Activities/Organizations: Intramural Sports, Research in the Schreier Group

Professional Development

Daniel Kim,  Senior

About Me: I am a rising senior and chose to do CBE because of the opportunity to be exposed to many industries and topics. I am currently interning in Pfizer as a process development intern, and I am an undergraduate researcher in Professor Song Jin’s nano-proteomics lab. In the meantime, I play tennis and enjoy watching football (the real one) and MMA.
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Favorite Animal: Whatever the mascot of Kwik Trip is
Favorite Class Taken: Chem 343
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: 4 AM in Eng Hall
Other Activities/Organizations: Research

Department Liaison

Abby Treml, Senior

About Me: I grew up in a super small, middle of nowhere farm town so UW Madison brings nothing but excitement for me! This is my last year here, and I am hoping to find a process engineering role post-graduation. I am a total school tri-hard, but when my head isn’t buried in a book I love to hang out on the terrace, shop on state street, and rollerblade with my roommates.
Hometown: Seymour, WI
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Class Taken: CBE 320
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: I’ll be acting as a CBE 150 student teaching assistant this fall, I am a CBE tutor for the ULC, and a LEED Scholar!

Social Chair

Joshua Wagner, Junior

About Me: I am pursuing my degree in Chemical Engineering with a certificate in Energy Sustainability, because I want to be a part of making the world a better place by providing clean energy. I’m also an active badger so if you’re looking for a gym buddy, or someone to take that Zumba class with you, let me know!
Hometown: Franklin, WI
Favorite Animal: Raccoon. Not even close.
Favorite Class Taken: Philosophy 141
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: My favorite thing about being a badger is how welcoming and kind everyone here is, as well as looking down State Street on game days and seeing a sea of red.
Other Activities/Organizations: I’m not in any other official orgs, so if whatever group you’re in needs more members I may be available!

Underclassmen Representative

Sara Bender, Freshman

About Me: I chose to major in chemical engineering, because I enjoy problem solving, math, and chemistry and am interested in the applications of chemistry on a larger scale. I also enjoy playing the flute and spending time with my dog.
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Class Taken: Math 222
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Visiting State Street
Other Activities/Organizations: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Engineering Expo

Falcon Soedarsono, Junior

About Me: I decided to pursue Chemical Engineering as a major because I believe that through this I will be able to contribute myself the best to society. In Summer 2020, I did an internship with NorthStar Medical Radioisotope, LLC, as a Chemical Engineer Intern. I am open to various future career options and prospects, but I am most excited about working within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. This is my first year serving as a board member in AIChE!
Hometown: Surabaya, Indonesia
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite Class Taken: Organic Chemistry
Favorite Thing About Being a Badger: Memorial Union Terrace’s Sunset!
Other Activities/Organizations: Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS) – Madison, Engineering Expo