headshotNatalie Diguilio, Senior

About Me: I’m currently a senior in Chemical Engineering and plan on entering industry after graduation with the goal of eventually getting a law degree.
Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite Element: Nitrogen
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Prof. Murphy
Favorite Hobby: Cooking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Eat Babcock ice cream
Other Activities/Organizations: Society of Women Engineers, UW-Madison Cultural & Linguistic Center


attach1-copyTyler Leach, Senior

About Me: I want to go into the energy production field.
Hometown: Oshkosh,WI
Favorite Element: Carbon
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Professor Murphy
Favorite Hobby: Sailing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Sailing on Lake Mendota
Other Activities/Organizations: Snowboarding with Hoofers SNS, Hoofers Sailing Club and intramural soccer



jeremy-maciolekJeremy Maciolek, Senior

About Me: I am a chemical engineering student interested in the pharmaceutical sciences.
Hometown: West Allis, WI
Job Experience: Intern at Aurora Health Care, Student Assistant for InterEgr 102
Favorite Element: Platinum
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Prof. Murphy
Favorite Hobby: Photography
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Hanging out at Union South and Memorial Union.
Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Engineering Student Council (WESC)


laura_schott-2Laura Schott, Senior

About Me: I’m currently pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree with a certificate in business. I would like to work with product development in the consumer goods or pharmaceutical industry.
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite Element: Chlorine
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Prof. Murphy
Favorite Hobby: Playing tennis or going to concerts!
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Hang out at the terrace on a beautiful, sunny day
Other Activities/Organizations: Society of Women Engineers



Sam Kaye, Sophomore

About Me: Motivated and energetic Chemical Engineering student interested in agribusiness, bioenergy and many other fields.
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Favorite Element: Samarium
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 329 with Professor Zelewski
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Badger Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Fishing Team, Engineers without Borders, Undergraduate Research in Burstyn Lab (Department of Chemistry)



Emily AICHE photoEmily Brunner, Senior

About Me: I plan on going into industry, and I have an interest in polymers.
Hometown: Mahtomedi, MN
Favorite Element: Oxygen
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Prof. Murphy.
Favorite Hobby: Anything outside – canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping
Favorite Things to do on Campus: Going to football games and hanging out with friends at the terrace
Other Activities/Organizations:Society of Women Engineers,Wisconsin Admissions Volunteers



Engineering Expo

UntitledChloe Jacobsen, Junior

About Me: I am a driven and creative undergrad from Minnesota pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering.
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN
Favorite Element: Mercury
Favorite Class/Professor: Materials Science- Structure and Property Relations in Solids with Susan Babcock
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Getting together with friends at the Terrace and going to Badger football games.
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers Without Borders – Guatemala Project, and Chem-E-Car



12250046_10207760229347464_4154465080925963046_nDanny Van de Hey, Junior

About Me: I hope to pursue a career involving green energy, but I have no idea what form yet.
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Favorite Element: Gold
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 343 with Professor Gellman
Favorite Hobby: Golfing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Badger Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: I have joined a new club every semester, but have only stuck with AIChE so far




jbJohnathon Brehm, Freshman

About Me: I hope to graduate with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry with interest in applying chemical principles towards the environment, particularly in water resources.
Hometown: East Troy, WI
Favorite Element: Iridium
Favorite Class/Professor: Math 221, Professor Burstyn from Chem 109
Favorite Hobbies: Fishing, camping, basketball, tennis, and reading
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Eating food at Union South
Other Activities/Organizations: Environmental Engineering Club, Engineers for a Sustainable World



Ryan Wirtanen, Junior

About Me: I’m studying chemical engineering in hopes to obtain a job in the clean energy field.
Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
Favorite Element: Hydrogen
Favorite Class/Professor: Prof. Hooker
Favorite Hobby: Running
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Going to football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Badger Cru, Alpha Chi Sigma





Zach Filtz, Junior

About Me: I will be graduating in two and a half years and am still deciding whether to pursue a process or research and development chemical engineering role.
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI
Favorite Element: Carbon
Favorite Class/Professor: Organic Chemistry (343) with Prof. McCoy
Favorite Hobby: Wakeboarding
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Swim in Lake Mendota
Other Activities/Organization: Undergraduate Researcher in the Chemistry Department




1209126_516698991757658_660890194_nEmma Clark, Junior

About Me: This summer I worked as an intern for FritoLay and will be returning to intern for this great company next summer. After graduation, I plan to continue working in the food industry.
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite Element: Xenon
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310 with Prof. Murphy
Favorite Hobbies: Running half marathons and playing piano
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Going to football games and eating Babcock ice cream
Other Activities/Organization: Sigma Alpha Omega, Intramural Soccer & Volleyball

Professional Development

14192540_10208970068701923_6731293717461881538_nNicole Sannes, Senior

About Me: I’m going into my Senior year here at UW studying chemical engineering. I just spent the summer in California, and I’m dying to get out of the Midwest after graduation!
Hometown: Duluth, MN
Favorite Element: Nickel
Favorite Class/Professor: Organic Chem
Favorite Hobby: playing volleyball, playing piano, biking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: going to the Farmer’s Market
Other Activities/Organizations: Lean In, GUTS



Department Liaison


Kunal Dani, Junior

About Me:I’m currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am a very inquisitive individual and enjoy exploring new research topics in different fields of engineering and science.
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Favorite Element: Gold
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 345 with Dr. Esselman
Favorite Hobby: Running, Skiing, Hiking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Exploring around Madison, Hanging out at Memorial Union Terrace and attending Badger Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers Without Borders, UW-Madison Chapter of American Chemical Society, Wisconsin Track Club

Sophomore Representative

10734067_880985461919957_3126408102216595276_oJonathan Higgins, Sophomore

About Me: Getting a job right after graduation is the top priority, but also being proud with the path I choose in the chemical engineering field.
Hometown: Richfield,WI
Favorite Element: Mercury
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 109 with Professor John Moore
Favorite Hobby: Eating
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Biking the Lakeshore Path
Other Activities/Organizations: UW Rugby Club

Freshmen Representative


Alex Koller, Freshman

About Me: I’m trying to see all that different engineering majors have to offer, with a preference towards Chemical Engineering. I plan on completing my education with a bachelors degree.
Hometown: Apastepeque, El Salvador
Favorite Element: Hydrogen
Favorite Class/Professor: Herman Ive
Favorite Hobby: Skiing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Got to Wheelhouse Studios at Memorial Union
Other Activities/Organizations: Hoofers Ski and Snowboard, Track Club, Insight Wisconsin, Badger Pull Quarter Scale