jessica-nurreJessica Nurre, Senior

About Me: I have been involved with AIChE since my freshman year, moving from Publicity Chair to Co-Industrial Chair and now Co-President. I have interned with Alliant Energy, Georgia Pacific, and AbbVie and hope to make a career in pharmaceutical development. I am also completing a double major with chemistry and do research in electrochemistry under Dr. Stannon Stahl.
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Favorite Element: Au
Favorite Class/Professor: Dr. Klingenberg
Favorite Hobby: Crafting
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Go to Badger football games!
Other Activities/Organizations: Kappa Alpha Theta


samSam Kaye, Junior

About Me: Motivated and energetic Chemical Engineering student interested in agribusiness, bioenergy and many other fields.
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Favorite Element: Samarium
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 329 with Professor Zelewski
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Badger Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Wisconsin Fishing Team, Engineers without Borders, Undergraduate Research in Burstyn Lab (Department of Chemistry)




zach-titelZach Titel, Senior

About Me: I’m looking to pursue a career in the renewable energy industry in either solar energy or biofuels. I’m hoping to begin as a process engineer and then move into a management role.
Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, WI
Favorite Element: Carbon
Favorite Class/Professor: Prof. Huber
Favorite Hobby: Playing intramural sports
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Listen to music on the terrace
Other Activities/Organizations: Member of Theta  Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity



john-laszewski-1John Laszewski, Senior

About Me: I am a currently a senior studying Chemical Engineering.
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Favorite Element: Iron
Favorite Class/Professor: Transport Phenomena with Prof. Klingenberg
Favorite Hobby: Playing intramural basketball and football
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Hanging out at the terrace.
Other Activities/Organizations:






chloe-jacobsenChloe Jacobsen, Senior

About Me: I am currently a senior studying chemical engineering with previous internship experience with Karges-Faulconbridge Inc. and Kimberly-Clark Corp. I’m hoping to start my career in the consumer packaged goods industry.
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN
Favorite Element: Mercury
Favorite Class/Professor: Biochemistry 501/Professor Reid Van Lehn
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Attend Badger football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers without Boarders




img_2382Tim Murat, Senior

About Me: Looking to start my career in industry on a process engineering position focusing on reactor design, catalysis, and chemical reaction engineering. Want to contribute to process design and optimization schemes for sustainability efforts, as well as integration and transition of renewable energy.
Hometown: Batavia, IL
Favorite Element: Vibranium
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 430 (Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design / Dan Klingenberg
Favorite Hobby: Hitting forehands (tennis)
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Game day – Close 2nd: Kick back at the terrace
Other Activities/Organizations: Club Tennis (president), alpine skiing, working out, eating, sleeping



profile_picJohnathan Higgins, Junior

About Me: I have been in AIChE since my freshman year, wanting to learn more about different industries within chemical engineering and gain industry experience. Besides a Chemical Engineering major, I’m in the Business Certificate program where I’m eager to learn more about how a business operates. I’ve had experience with the Walbec Group as a Research and Development Intern, and am currently with Promega as a Process Engineer Co-op.
Hometown: Richfield, WI
Favorite Element: Gold
Favorite Class/Professor: InterEng 160 with Professor Rolands
Favorite Hobby: Woodworking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Eating at QQ’s
Other Activities/Organizations: Men’s Rugby Club




Engineering Expo

danny-millerDanny Miller, Junior

About Me: I am looking to work for a company that is in the pharmaceutical industry or that is involved with plastics and polymers.
Hometown: Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Favorite Element: Boron
Favorite Class/Professor: Transport Phenomena
Favorite Hobby: Sports
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Memorial Union
Other Activities/Organizations: LEED program, intramural softball, and intramural basketball




haley-olsen-1Haley Olsen, Senior

About Me: This summer I did a research exchange program in China and I hope to study abroad in Denmark next semester. I really enjoy the business and customer relations side of Chemical Engineering.
Hometown: Plymouth, WI
Favorite Element: Oxygen
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 350 (Communicating Chemistry to the Public via Demonstrations) / Bassam Shakhashiri
Favorite Hobby: Hiking/Exploring the great outdoors
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Volunteering at the Discovery Building with science programs for kids
Other Activities/Organizations: WI Triathlon Team



claire-headshotClaire Kalb, Junior

About Me: I love interacting with people so I would love to have a customer facing role as I graduate and go into industry.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Element: Plutonium
Favorite Class/Professor: Organic Chemistry with Brian Esselman
Favorite Hobbies: Volleyball
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Any intramural sport
Other Activities/Organizations: I coach volleyball and work at the veterinary diagnostic lab!






celia-nalbachCelia Nalbach,  Junior

About Me: Although I don’t have a specific industry I’m working towards, I hope to land an engineering position where I feel I’m making an impact on society and am able to use my Spanish language skills.
Hometown: Neenah, WI
Favorite Element: Radium…because Marie Curie should be everyone’s idol.
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 310
Favorite Hobby: Anything involving the outdoors.
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Eat food at AIChE meetings.
Other Activities/Organization: Science Olympiad Coach, EWB, and I like to run.






Zach Filtz, Senior

About Me: I hope to graduate this spring and obtain a job as a manufacturing process engineer.
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI
Favorite Element: Oxygen
Favorite Class/Professor: Organic Chemistry (343) with Prof. McCoy
Favorite Hobby: Wake boarding
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Runs along Lake Monona Path
Other Activities/Organization: Play intramural soccer and sand volleyball.






zachary-schmidt-2Zachary Schmidt, Senior

About Me: I hope to graduate this spring and work in R&D or product development for a biotechnology or manufacturing company.
Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI
Favorite Element: Copernicium
Favorite Class/Professor: CBE 311 with Prof. Van Lehn
Favorite Hobbies: Kayaking and running
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Going to Badger football and hockey games
Other Activities/Organization: Hoofer Outing Club, Intramural indoor and sand volleyball, Huber Research Group


Professional Development

christina-hironsChristina Hirons, Senior

About Me: I am hoping to pursue a career in product development in the biotechnology field or as a process engineer in a company focused on sustainable development.
Hometown: Libertyville, Il
Favorite Element: Bismuth
Favorite Class/Professor: Food and Pharmaceutical Separations/Prof. Klingenberg
Favorite Hobby: Kayaking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Going to the Kohl Center for basketball games
Other Activities/Organizations: Co-Founder of Zamni Limyè-Partners in Light (an engineering student organization that is working with a community in Haiti to develop a solar energy system)




Department Liaison


Kunal Dani, Junior

About Me:I’m currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am a very inquisitive individual and enjoy exploring new research topics in different fields of engineering and science.
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Favorite Element: Gold
Favorite Class/Professor: Chem 345 with Dr. Esselman
Favorite Hobby: Running, Skiing, Hiking
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Exploring around Madison, Hanging out at Memorial Union Terrace and attending Badger Football games
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers Without Borders, UW-Madison Chapter of American Chemical Society, Wisconsin Track Club


Underclassman Representative

danklundt1Daniel Klundt, Sophomore

About Me: I want to get my degree in Chemical Engineering and work in the packaging and plastics industry.
Hometown: Hudson, WI
Favorite Element: Carbon
Favorite Class/Professor: Calculus 222
Favorite Hobby: Soccer
Favorite Thing to do on Campus: Hang out with friends and go to football games.
Other Activities/Organizations: Engineers in Business